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Bamboo Sheds

Folding Monsoon Sheds


100% Waterproof Tarpulins

We are MANUFACTURER of 100% WATER PROOF TARPAULINS in all size & specification as per your requirement.
We are specialized in errection of MONSOON SHED of Tarpaulins as per your requirement.

Monsoon Shed

Monsoon Shed are erected as per any specification required by our customers. They are made up of Bamboos / Ballis / Tarpaulins etc. and are 100% waterproof.

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These "Anchor" Paulins are made from HDPE fabric cross weaving. Plus the fabric is laminated on both sides with LDPE (Plastic) - the latest technological concept in the evolution of plastic.

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Product Range

Warehousing Sheds

Warehousing is a growing industry that involves latest technologies and skillful craftsmanship. A large section of the warehousing sheds manufacturers have barely adapted any innovative technologies for installing warehouses for their client network.

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Awnings and Canopies Sheds

Plenty of awnings and canopies have overwhelmed the market with faultless finishing and fine surfaces. The greater part of the sheds is the results of cutting edge innovation and top-notch materials.

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Food Industries Sheds

Prefab sheds have been dominating various commercial industries for long. These sheds have the necessary durability and features for meeting every client specification. The custom layouts developed by the best shedding companies are appropriate for all industrial zones under various circumstances.

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Rainfall Sheds Bamboo Sheds

Most factory spaces, open-air food-joints, parking spaces, and warehouses are known to use sheds for safety and cover from natural disturbances. These sheds are even used in gardens and terraces attached to individual residences and apartments.

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